Worthy Post

Frequently Asked Questions

Worthy Post is an online platform for portraying your creativity. It displays articles, poems and drawings of budding talents. 

You can either email us @ submission@worthypost.com or follow this link to send your entry.

You can send us your entry and once our editors approve your content, we immediately post it on the site.

Any active contest can be either be participated through the respective schools or individually. You can either submit your entry online or through email; submission@worthypost.com.


Both of them are very different.

Contest entries may or may not hold a topic. A contest entry can be selected further for publishing in the Worthy Post Magazine or Book.

A normal submission on the other hand will let your work be posted on the website. The material can be of any topic. 

Presently we have:

  • Poetry
  • Fiction
  • Non Fiction
  • Art
  • Media
  • Book Review