The 184th Day

That night I remember I was restless. I don’t know why, but that night had its different charm and the sky was full of twinkling, beautiful stars. I couldn’t take my eyes off it. I then decided to paint that beautiful scenario on my canvas and when I finished, I noticed that I drew an ugly, dark and dull airspace. I kept the canvas aside and tried to sleep but I kept tossing and turning on my bed waiting for the first light. 

I was excited for that day because it was my birthday. I decided to plan for it but there was no one to sing for me or join me for celebrations. At around 4 am I finally got some sleep. 

The chirping of the birds and the gust of the winds is what usually wakes me up but today it was something different. To find out I quickly got to my window and what I saw was incredibly unbelievable. I saw humans after 6 months which was the 184th day and they were walking around and talking to each other, smiling and even singing on the streets. Everyone looked so happy and energetic that I could feel their souls blooming and dancing for being free. 

I felt that I had some super powers as I could see my friend, Shyla, buying bread for INR 22. She came near me and we started talking. I asked, “What is going on out there?” She answered with a wide smile, “We are free from the virus and it is gone now!” I couldn’t believe her and so I rubbed my eyes and unblocked my ears to confirm that it was the absolute truth. She said, “It is time to celebrate; come on out we will have some fun today!” 

I was so excited to go out, see my friends and family. I swiftly changed my clothes and started preparing a list of things to do; where to go and whom to meet. I was so excited that I wore green pants, red shirt, yellow socks and blue sneakers. 

When I got out, everyone looked so colorful as everyone was eagerly waiting for this day. As it was finally here, everyone looked crazy happy and my friends looked like clowns and I was one of them too. When I stepped out of my house I felt like I was alive; my legs, my body, my mind was feeling fresh and active and was ready to do any work and to have fun. My hair and my skin could now breathe in this fresh, cool and peaceful wind. 

I was enjoying the lovely weather but my friends dragged me to the nearest garden. We played, spoke and explained to each other about our day-to-day routines. We walked around and came to an old building which seemed familiar but unrecognizable. 

My friends and I noticed how happy everyone was around us and were living with a new meaning of life as if it was a new beginning, a renewal! 

Everyone was helping each other and was kind to not just other humans but also animals and plants around them. Everyone realized that ‘WEALTH IS USELESS WITHOUT HEALTH’ 

Suddenly, someone called out to me. I started looking here and there but I couldn’t see anyone. My best friend recognized the voice and told me it was my grandma. 

I asked my friends to visit my grandma with me and they all agreed. The dull old building was none other than my grandma’s and we rushed inside. Grandma welcomed us all in. Till now I had totally forgotten it was my birthday but grandma did not! She had baked a cake for me. She said, “My dear child, I was eagerly waiting to celebrate your birthday.” My heart filled with love and joy. I gave her a hug and we started celebrating my birthday. 

That day was the glorious day ever experienced by me and by my fellow beings. I kept that day in my treasure of memories and called it the 184th day of my life. 


-Sarrah Nasikwala
Nashik, India


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