Mediocre Love? Its All Or Nothing!

“I want you to love me sufficiently, neither less nor more.”

You do not deserve love that is too conditional! Because you cannot love someone in an adequate way, its all or nothing!

You deserve someone who chooses you every time, who stays with you during your good times and sticks by your side even in the darkest of time. Your love is too pure for someone who only loves you according to their convenience and moods, the ones that always take you for granted and keep you at last or may be as their second choice. You deserve someone who is mature enough to make you feel secure and handle the chaos your mind creates when you doubt yourself or feel like you aren’t enough. You need someone who is mentally, emotionally and physically available for you and not someone who has ample of excuses and reasons to cover up their hurtful behavior for you. You deserve someone who makes you a priority and can break other people’s heart just to protect yours.

That is the kind of love every honest, loyal and trusting person deserves.

Do not settle for anything just because you love them.


-Aditi Ghule
Palghar, India


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