The Perks Of Being A Daydreamer

I wake up and I walk up to my window to take a peek outside. The warm breeze hits my face and the sun rays make my eyes squint. I have a cup of coffee that is the right amount of bitter and sweet while I pick my outfit for the day. A song plays in the background and I smile for no reason while staring into the imaginary camera. In that moment, I’m a character from some Netflix series.

That is when my mom yells at me from the living room and I realize that I’m already half an hour late. My head hurts, my hair is greasy and now I probably have to leave home without a bath. Staying up till 2 am to finish the series while gorging on a pack of chips was probably a bad idea. And I should have had more water than Coca Cola.

I have always thought that having very active daydreaming skills has made me have unrealistic expectations from everything; life, people and most importantly, myself. It is so easy to look at montages of fictional characters living their best life and think; this will be me one day. And the thought that follows is always- when?

Well, at first, I blamed myself a little too much for thinking so much but not doing anything else. But now that it’s been like this for quite a while, I realized something.

All this time, I was beating myself up little by little just because I wasn’t living the life of my dreams. But, now I know that I can’t and I will never be able to; because that’s not my life. And it’s okay. It’s okay to sit back and realize that my life and yours too, right now and forever, is going to be the little things. No big proposals and rejections, no big dramas and definitely not the big climaxes.

You may not see it now, but it is going to be the simplest of things that become the cherry on top. The sunshine entering your room at the golden hour, talking about books with your mom, the little moments when you just randomly feel happy, cups of tea with your dad, the times when you just stand in your window and feel the wind hug your face, bits of chocolate, petrichor, music; everything.

So, what are the perks of being a daydreamer?

For one, you can dream without sleeping. And well, quoting something that my best friend once said to me, you know how to live the dream, now you just have to learn how to live the day.

-Maitreyee Bhave
Thane, India


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