Unapologetic Spaces

Do you still blindside the truth?
The first time you did, it was when you told me that you wanted to spend the rest of your tormented life with me. I always liked how you made me a part of your darkness and let me inside.

Do you still manoeuvre the fleeting moments?
The last time you did, you never left my side while we walked on stranger roads. I always liked how you made everything seem so simple.

Do you still remember me before you?
The only time you did was when you cried over my story while we sat under a starless night. I always liked how you made me feel secure, even in my weakest moments.

Do you still resonate with self-centered confidence?
The very time you did that was when you showed me your most significant fear while looking into each other’s eyes unwilling to let go. I always liked how you made me feel at home so far away from home.

Do you still lead a soulless and spineless existence?
The time after time you did it was when you promised to be there even when I would hate you with all that forgotten love. I always liked how you made me love you even when I hated you.

Do you still…
In unapologetic spaces…
Walk away from unassuming love…
So willing to be unloved as quickly as you loved.

-Pooja Kirpekar
Mumbai, India


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