Be The Way You Are

I heard someone saying, be who you are!
And I neglected it naively and gave myself to you!

You wanted to mold me so I could fit into your walls
And I realized I wasn’t into your heart’s core
But far away from you on a shore

And I let you mold me into a doormat first
And ale to drench your thirst
Then into rose with thorns
To which you showed utter scorns

And then one day you decided to mold me into a coal
But mistakenly it turned me into a diamond with a hole
The hole of all bruises and pain
Waiting for the healing rain

And then you tried to mold me
Again into something else
But I was still and shining and with endurance
A diamond who finally understood, to be who she is!

-Astha Sangai
Anjangaon Surji, India


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