Belle Fille

A fair maiden
Had enormous responsibility laiden
Still had a pretty smile
Even in tough time!

For her, studies was her priority
But money was her necessity
She decided to earn and learn
For her family, she played the role of sun

But life was going to change
She was destined to get fame
Life paved a new way
Almighty answered all that she prayed

Love seems difficult for her
She will find a spouse who will love and support her
Her dream to be the pillar of the family
Will be supported by her prince charming happily

No matter how tough was her past
Now, it ain’t going to last
She has a bright present and a bright future
Which is going to last

The life of this pretty girl
Will be an inspiration for many
A smile which traveled miles
And influenced everyone without leaving any!

-Shifa Shaikh
Mumbai, India


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