Father-Door To Heaven

Epitome of sacrifice and support, Possessing the ability to convert a small hut into a fort For his family, he is strength Whose sweat is better than a thousand scent! In a world full of monsters, he’s a guardian Angel, Giving direction to his children and being a role model. Whose desire is to see a bright smile on everyone’s face Where sadness and disappointment is untraced Toiling his entire life for his family and not thinking of his own, In his form, an example of true love; God has shown. He is the first love of his daughter and backbone for his son, He has the magical power to smile the best even when sadness exist in tonne! Lucky are those who have such fathers, I have seen twinkling tears in eyes of orphans hoping for a dad rather. Life without father is house without roof, In a world of millions, you still stand aloof

-Shifa Shaikh
Mumbai, India


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