Shh, you shouldn’t talk about them
My mind tells my heart to condemn
But heart replies to let it share
In return, I will, maybe get some care
Mind denies, says, that’s not how this world works
That’s what stupid people do and they are called ‘the burkes’
Heart stays quiet
Because it knows, it’s a waste, starting a riot
But the heart couldn’t stay shut for long
Since deep down it knows that the mind was wrong
When those heavy and sad notions got out of it
It got the urge to tell the mind what was wrong with its whim
Heart expressed its pain, it’s my sudden grief that captured me and you (mind)
For fear is a belief that can sense and increase your blue
It’s a thought that can kill your conscience
It’s a notion that can make you slave of the fear you experience
So it’s better to let that notion go
And relief yourself from being low

-Suhasini Tripathi
Jaipur, India


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