Human By Error

I have met people trying so hard to be outcasts
The ones who act like they don’t belong
When they could fit into this grand puzzle with a click

I have met people trying so hard to fit into the world
as they know it
and fail,
when they could have left it all behind and live as they willed

A click
A snap
That’s all it takes to lose what the world fills us with

Yet some people spend lifetimes trying to
Understand and be understood by a ‘clear-headed society’

A ‘clear-headed society’ that could use some ecstasy
To find what they need to link them back to mankind

Inventions after inventions
Social advancements
Yet people are more barbaric than the generations that birthed them

Buildings upon buildings
Heaped over dead civilizations Over graves that turned to dead dust
Just so we had someplace to call home,
Yet thousands on their feet are out
Looking from one place to another for it

And there are lesser ‘social etiquette’ in social events

‘Loss of purpose’ has turned into ‘loss of pain’

There are millions out on the streets that can hurt but can’t be hurt back
Teenagers, young adults, fighting over what they lack
There is more numbness than there is pain
More smiles glazed in a ‘soft toys’ aisle
More tears on someone who had spicy cuisine

Where anxiety does a hair flip better than a reckless beauty
And the voices inside me claw at my brain

Sometimes I wonder if it’s the earth that erred
or was it some god that Screwed us over
Out of boredom
Because when I am dressed in black satin, my hair
flowing like sizzling butter on a hot wok

I think this is just too flawless to be true

Beyond this flawless lies imbalance and injustice
Served to the starved instead of two meals a day

And my hands are smeared in something thinner than blood
But redder
From all the murders I commit in my head
Of all the people who didn’t know when to stop
Giving a fuck about what I said, what I meant

This shimmery setting outside my body that
Flows like dandelions
Could use some common errors blooming
Here and there like weeds creeping over a tombstone one morning
Out of nowhere

Utterly useless but far better distractions

I think to myself if I am a common error like that
Made to look like a human,
Like the stars hanging from the sky that didn’t deserve
The sight of ashen earth
Pissed by its blue turning into brown, drying grounds

When the darkness looms in the corners, I see millions like me,
Who are humans by error,
Jilted, and jaded, filled with sorrows, bundles of neurotic mess
trying to ail what’s healthy and burn what’s not

This world needs less of us I am certain of that.

-Maya Zaveri
Pune, India


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