If Tomorrow Starts Without ME

If tomorrow starts without me,
There will be a lot of chaos.
A lot of hustle and bustle.
People will cry, they will mourn.
Some will say how they miss me,
Some won’t believe what they hear or see.
I’ll be covered with a white cloth and flowers.
I’ll look the same,
Just a little cold and pale.
My mother, Oh dear God,
Give her the strength to let me go.
To my father, give him the strength to leave my hand.
To my sister, give all the happiness in store.
There will be people who will be left without a cause,
Looking at me crying, that why did I leave this way.
There will be a few, holding my hand,
Incapable to register anything, not be able to stand.
All of them will hope I am in heaven,
Probably done with all my lives, in number there are seven.
For few weeks and months, I will be in their minds,
They’ll mourn, how they lost someone one of a kind.
They’ll adapt to me not being around,
They’ll adapt to the change.
They’ll wonder where did things go wrong,
How could a person like me leave, the one like the rhythm of a song.
Lives will feel meaningless,
Their pain will be limitless.
But I will look from above,
I will smile and the obsessive thoughts I will shove.

-Kajol Pandey
Mumbai, India


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