This is the thing what I had felt
When the first rose of love was smelt
It held my heart up in the sky
And every pain said a good-bye
In the bright sun I used to lay
The seventh sky was where my heart did fly
Everything seemed so beautiful to me
Love was the only thing I used to see
We felt it watching each other that day
He was everywhere all around
Up in the sky and down on the ground
I guess I was spell bound
His voice seemed to be the most melodious sound
And then none of my steps where there on the ground
That day it was when the word “LOVE” was found
To call me, everyone had o scream
We were all there in each other’s dream
He was my prince with charm
With a white horse which did no harm
Something similar did happen with him
He said
I was there in every place he went,
In every message he sent,
Every dream he dreamt,
Every flower he smelt,
Every breeze he felt.
Yes, the confession did take a long way
But it was my best Valentine’s Day
We got everything, that’s all we say
And so we are together
At the end of the day!

-Faiza Naik
Alibagh India


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