Oh Pain Of Love

Oh pain of love!
I wonder why you approach me every night
And then make my heart and my mind fight

Oh pain of love!
I thought you went with that person who left
But you were hidden in my heart, in depth

Oh pain of love!
You hinder my mind, and leave me no peace
You are a question to which I am quiescent

Oh pain of love!
Why are you bringing with you old memories
They do not seem to be true, but just sad stories

Oh pain of love!
Ask my pillow how much I cry,
To forget you every morning, is what I try

Oh pain of love!
You come again and again, like a loyal friend
But you are here to give me wounds at the end

Oh pain of love1
Do you hurt that person also, or is it just me?
Or is this the punishment of loving immensely?

Oh pain of love!
You have shattered my heart
I can see my soul falling apart

Oh pain of love!
The far I go from love, closer you come to me
More I think of old him, more I miss the old WE

Oh pain of love!
I will still in love, you may be harder
Because you can’t take away love from a lover

Oh pain of love!
A lover will always love till its last breath
Because for a lover not pain, but love is what is great

-Mamta Choudhari
Mumbai, India


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