The High Sky

You are a gift wrap embossed with all the heavenly bodies of the cosmos.
A vast expanse of simple yet intricate beauty,
Sometimes you wear shades of opal white and sometimes of the velveteen blue;
Today you seem like a translucent concoction of fruit punch and cotton candy.
I gawk at you like a lost lad who just ran into his sweetheart in a dark alley and my river of emotions is suddenly full to the brim;
And in a split second, it’s like I am staring into nothingness and the void in my chest expands.
You saunter and run with me in my every odyssey;
You are an oracle that guides me to set my soul free.
Sometimes it’s chilly out there so you make it snow,
But you always remember how to put up a great show.
I long to be endless and timeless as you are;
And wear with pride my each scar.
To every gazer and muser, you sing a melodious lullaby;
Dreamers aim for you and SO DO I.
Tell me what’s more beautiful than the evening or midnight sky!

-Garima Surana
Jaipur, India


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