The Night Child

When the roads are empty
And everything is dark
It just feels like a silent city
With no rush of cars
When everyone is asleep
I sit by the window
Staring at the night sky
Feeling of emptiness fly away
When I keep looking high
There is always something new to be seen
In the constant quite sky
Nothing is more calming and pleasant
As the glimpse of it filled with moon
And the sparkling stars
Finally, there is someone who wants to hear my strange thoughts
Thoughts that seem to go on non stop
All the secrets hidden within its core
But it seems to embrace many more
The silent voice of it keeps me awake
Pouring authentic vision which is not fake
IT shares calm and relaxing aura in my gloomy mind
When I feel heavy and empty at the same time
It is the only one who comforts my heart
From million miles apart
And vacates my head through a connection unsaid
Glad to see that the whole sky is glancing back at you
When I am smiling at it through the window
Everyone searches for their companion
But there, we have the sky as a common place

-Muskan Shaikh
Roha, India


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